BBQ Joint & Catering

Amazing Southern BBQ

Why hire Hog Wild for my event?

Because we deliver national award-winning Southern barbecue to your table with excellent service, every time. Every. Time.

How many guests can you accommodate?

We have catered off-site for crowds of up to 1,800 people. Our Lakewood, New York restaurant has banquet seating for up to 70--perfect for rehearsal dinners, corporate functions, small wedding receptions, office parties, etc. Our Warren, Pa. seasonal BBQ joint has covered outdoor seating for up to 36 people.

What's this Southern BBQ you speak of?

Southern barbecue consists of a variety of regions, but it all comes down to slow-roasting pork, beef or chicken over a low wood fire. The wood smoke imparts unique flavoring into the meat, resulting in a reddish-pink smoke ring, and the low temperatures keep things juicy and fall off the bone tender. We barbecue our pigs and pork shoulders Carolina-style, our ribs Memphis-style and our brisket Texas-style. Our chicken recipe comes from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Why is my chicken pink????? Don't you guys know how to cook????

Meats, particularly chicken, turns pink due to a chemical reaction triggered by smoke absorption. What you're looking at is smoke flavoring, not raw chicken. And, yes, we know how to cook, pal. Check out the trophies.

Can I customize my catering menu?

Ab-so-lutely! We can create whatever combination of meats and homemade side dishes your heart desires. Don't see it on the menu? Just ask.

How much food do you provide?

You get one serving of the main entree and sides per guest. We add on an additional 3 percent to the food amount just in case. But please note: this is not a "free-for-all" at a Chinese buffet. If you think your guests are going to eat multiple sandwiches or whatnot, you might want to order additional servings. If not, you will run out of eats.

Do you provide plates and utensils?

All of our catering packages come with disposable foam plates and plasticware. Upgrades are available for purchase, if you require fancy-schmanzy looking faux China for eating your 'cue. Please note, we use a standard 9-inch dinner plate in planning portion sizes. If you purchase your own plates and go with, oh, say, 13-inch plates, you're going to need to order more food.

Is there a delivery fee?

It depends on how far you ask us to travel, and how busy we are. If you're outside of our direct area, you're probably looking at a delivery fee.

What is an "Event Production Fee"

An Event Production fee, also known as a service charge in the bidness, pays for office staff, administrative costs, planning, consultations, fuel, site visitation, equipment, insurance, etc. for off-site catering. We charge an Event Production fee of 10 to 18 percent for off-site events that require more than just food delivery. An Event Production fee is not a gratuity, nor does it pay for onsite labor. An 18 to 22 percent service charge is standard in the catering industry.

Do you charge for gratuity?

No. We are old-fashioned. We believe gratuity is the client's option.  And while we do not make it mandatory, it is greatly certainly appreciated by our hardworking and professional waitstaff, kitchen workers and fire monkeys.

Do you offer wedding tastings?

It depends on our availability. During the summer, the answer is most likely going to be no. We are just too busy with events. However, you are more than welcome to visit our restaurants in Lakewood, NY or Warren, PA and sample our wares any time it's open. Save your receipt, and if you sign a contract with us, we will reimburse you for your dinner in the invoice.  If you would like to arrange a personal tasting, appointments are available several times per month. There is an upfront fee for personal tastings, unless we have a signed contract with you. If you attend a tasting, sign a contract and put down a deposit, the cost of the tasting will be deducted from your final invoice.

If you're just dropping off my food, how do I keep it warm?

You can use electric roasters or crock pots. We do not rent out our holding equipment.

Why should I hire waitstaff?

Someone has got to keep the food in the buffet line and moving to guests' plates, along with making sure Uncle Eddie doesn't take five sandwiches, leaving Cousin Timmy with nothing to eat because he's at the end of the line.

Do you require a deposit?

If I've known you all my life, probably not. If we've just met, we're gonna need to see some money down to hold your date. No offense, it's bidness. We also require a signed contract.

What's up with the skull and crossbones on your t-shirts?

Ahhhh. Tradition! History tells us that barbecue was created by buccaneers on the island of Tortuga in the Caribbean, who caught wild pigs and slow roasted them over low fires. We pay homage to the forefathers of barbecue by sporting the Jolly Roger.