Amazing Southern BBQ


Easy peasy. Purchase our award-winning smoked pulled pork, locally baked Kaiser rolls and award-winning BBQ sauce hot and ready. You handle the assembly, serving and selling of the dinners. You can also add-on potato salad, slaw and paper products. Minimum order of 250.


Our crew comes onsite to grill our amazing Shenandoah Valley-style chicken over a hardwood lump charcoal fire in our mobile chicken wagon. We do the cooking, you handle assembling, serving and selling the dinners. Order just the chickens, or go all the way with slaw, potato salad and paper products, including takeout boxes. Minimum order to cook onsite is 288 chicken halves.

Fundraising? We can Help.

Holding a fundraiser for your sports team? Church? Scouts? Hog Wild can lend a hand. We have experience giving back to our community, raising over $100,000 for the Warren Public Library over the years, along with being involved in Relay for Life. We offer non-profits with a 501c3 or W9 three options to help you reach your fundraising goal:


Pick a weeknight, we will provide you with flyers. If our customer hands us a flyer on the specific day of our fundraiser, lunch or dinnertime, dine-in or takeout, we will donate 20 percent of that sale to your organization.

Contact us at for more information on fundraising.

BBQ Joint & Catering